There are four "big" areas to consider for the ongoing maintenance and longevity of your vehicle - batteries, brakesoil changes and tires. All are important and all can feel overwhelming when trying to choose the correct ones for your vehicle. 

Your battery is what keeps your vehicle running, like the heart, and a weakening battery can reduce the overall performance and longevity of your vehicle. You want your Vehicle to last as long as it can and perform at its peak. Our certified Vehicle Technicians here at Lee Auto Care in Windham are here to help you make sure your battery is the right one for you and your vehicle.


It is important to check your battery often, regularly if possible, particularly here in Maine where the weather runs from hot to cold in a matter of months.


Cost: $49.95


Our battery service includes:

Running diagnostics to ensure your battery is fully charged.

Cleaning up any acid build-up

Applying protectorate where needed.

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