Lee Auto Malls is continuing its successful lunch delivery program this month! We are very pleased to announce that our delivery schedule will be as follows:


March 19:

Alfond Center for Health in Augusta (lunch provided by Cappza’s Pizza)


Thayer Center for Health in Waterville (lunch provided by Cappza’s Pizza)

Maine Coast Hospital in Ellsworth (lunch provided by 86 This! Burritos & Wraps)

March 20:

Veterans Administration Drive-Up Vaccination Clinic, Brunswick (lunch provided by Sam’s Italian Foods)

March 26:

MaineGeneral COVID-19 Vaccination Center and Cancer Center, Augusta (lunch provided by Cappza’s Pizza)

MaineGeneral ExpressCare, Waterville (lunch provided by Cappza’s Pizza)

Blue Hill Hospital (lunch provided by Marlintini’s Grill)

March 27:

Veterans Administration Drive-Up Vaccination Clinic, Brunswick (lunch provided by Sam’s Italian Foods)


As we did in January and February, Lee Auto Malls is again partnering with local area restaurants to provide lunches to the front-line healthcare workers at Hospitals and Medical facilities throughout Maine. Our goal is to provide a bit of respite to those that continuously put themselves at risk caring for the rest of us during these trying times. Additionally, we want those same people to know that folks are still thinking of them and their ongoing efforts. Basically, we just want to say thank you.


Our simple idea has gained a whole lot of attention, and with the help of restaurants all over the state, we’ve delivered thousands of lunches to hospital workers all over Maine. Our friends at WBLM have helped to get the word out and have been chatting with the medical workers we were trying to assist. Among them was Jennifer Riggs, the Chief Nurse Officer at Maine General, who confirmed that health care workers appreciate the gesture.


Jennifer said to WBLM, “It’s been a long stressful year, so when we have support like this from local businesses like Lee Auto, it’s more than just lunch. It’s really meaningful and inspiring to them.”


Speaking about her staff, Jennifer commented “Our employees have just been amazing throughout this crisis. They do the work because they love the patients.”


“It makes you proud,” she said. “It makes you proud to be part of this organization and we’re so grateful to Lee Auto.”


And we, of course, are very grateful to her and her entire staff, as well as all of the healthcare workers throughout Maine. A huge thank you to each and every one of you.


Though we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, we are not there quite yet, and our healthcare workers are still putting themselves at risk to keep us safe. Here’s to them!

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