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A Few Facts About Electric And Hybrid Vehicles 

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With each passing year, hybrid and electric vehicles become more popular, more easily accessible and quite simply, better. But while we have begun to see more electric vehicles on the road here in Maine, our state's drivers haven't fully embraced them as a go-to first option.  

First let's talk about the two main types of eco-friendly vehicles. 

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Hybrid electric vehicles have both an electric motor and a gasoline or diesel engine. The two different drives work together to increase the total driving range of the vehicle and its initial power. Hybrids are either a plug-in, where the vehicle is literally plugged into an electric source to power up the battery, or a non-plug-in hybrid vehicle, where the electrical energy is generated by an alternator or braking. There are three main types of hybrids: series hybrids, parallel hybrids and mild hybrids. 
  • Series Hybrid: Series hybrids use the electrical motor to run most of the vehicle's operations and the gasoline engine recharges the battery pack. However, on longer drives (usually over 50 miles) the gasoline engine takes over and powers the vehicle. 
  • Parallel Hybrid: Parallel hybrids are the most common type of hybrid and the one most people think of when considering a hybrid vehicle. They use both a combustion and electric engine, with both engines attached to one transmission to keep the vehicle running with the best fuel efficiency and longer distances. Toyota Prius and Honda insight are the most popular examples of a parallel hybrid. 
  • Mild Hybrid: With a mild hybrid, the electric engine only kicks in when more power is needed or when the vehicle slows down and comes to a stop. This allows the combustion engine to turn off while at rest and reduces the emissions of the engine. The battery kicks the combustion engine on when the vehicle is put into gear and begins to move again. 
Battery Electric Vehicles: These are the 100% totally electric vehicles that work by storing electricity in large batteries. The propulsion comes entirely from electrical energy, and the electric motors deliver almost instantaneous torque, which gives electric vehicles fast acceleration. The most common BEV's are the Nissan Leaf  and the Tesla models. 

All hybrid and fully electric vehicles can be charged at charging stations located throughout Maine. Learn more about charging stations and where they are by visiting our page all about Charging Stations