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For the second straight year, Lee is proud to be a major supporter of the Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets Bumper Crop program.

Through Bumper Crop, Lee is donating more than $15000 in farmers’ market vouchers to Maine Public, for use in their next membership drive. Viewers who pledge support during the membership drive will receive vouchers that are accepted at farmers’ markets throughout Maine.

?"This not only benefits Maine's vital farming community, but it allows us to continue our long-standing support for Maine Public at the same time," said Lee Auto Malls chairman Adam Lee. "These are two organizations we really believe in and want to see succeed."

By widely distributing the vouchers, we hope more and more Mainers discover their local farmers’ markets and the wide variety of locally-grown vegetables and produce that is available. Click here for full list of MAINE FARMERS’ MARKETS.

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