Lee Auto Mall Continues To Support And Thank Maine's Healthcare Workers

Lee Auto Malls Buys Lunch For Hundreds Of Hospital Workers in Appreciation Of A Long Year Battling The COVID-19 Pandemic

Continuing In February Hundreds of Lunches Crafted By Local Restaurants Are Delivered to Maine Hospitals

We are furthering our efforts to provide lunch for hundreds of front-line hospital workers who battle the COVID-19 pandemic each and every day.

“Front-line hospital workers have been put under incredible stress by the pandemic,” said Lee Auto Malls Chairman Adam Lee. “We’re trying to let them know they haven’t been forgotten and how much their work is appreciated.

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Lee Auto Wants To Thank Maine's Healthcare Workers


This month, Lee Auto Malls wants to thank the Maine health care workers who are on the front lines in battling the pandemic. As a small token of our appreciation, Lee will deliver hundreds of box lunches from area restaurants to several Maine hospitals on the last two Fridays in January. Thank you to everyone who is helping their fellow Mainers through this difficult time. We’re all in this together!


Please join us in recognizing the ongoing efforts of our brilliant medical workers and their staff who strive to keep us safe and heal those that have been affected…

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